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Ergol companion to serve #gemini capsules through http/https. It is a http wrapper written in php, working with ergol gemini server or standalone.

Screenshot of a web browser using ergol-http


ergol-http is under MIT/X Consortium License

ergol-http uses and provides a copy of Twitter Emoji aka twemoji packaged in a TrueType font format. twemoji is also published under MIT license.

Main repository on Codeberg.


Clone repository or unzip archive and copy main files in the document root of your website. Copy config-sample.php to config.php and change edit config.php to adapt it.

cd ~/
git clone
cd ergol-http
cp index.php style.css TwitterColorEmoji-SVGinOT.ttf .htaccess /var/www/
cp config-sample.php /var/www/config.php
nano /var/www/config.php

Web server needs to support url rewriting. Rule is present in .htaccess.

In Apache config:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule   "^/(.*)"  "/?q=$1"  [R,L]

In lighttpd config:

server.modules += ("mod_rewrite")
url.rewrite-once = ( "^/(.*)" => "/?q=/$1"  )

It is also possible to run ergol-http with php embedded web server (not the recommended way).

php -S -t ./ ./index.php


Get the last version the same way as installation but do not overwrite your config.php, check if there are new constants in config-sample.php and add them into your config.php.