Open Source Spotify Client
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Open Source Spotify Client

About The Project

This project was developed to make the music streaming service Spotify available on any device.


This repository has been completely rewritten from the transplant.
There may be some functions that are not implemented yet.
If so, please feel free to open an issue.


It is still in the idea stage, so there is a possibility of unintended behavior or major specification changes.
We DO NOT encourage piracy and DO NOT support any form of downloader/recorder designed with the help of this repository and in general anything that goes against the Spotify ToS.
For other guidelines, please see

Getting Started



Stable Version

pip install librespot

Snapshot Version *Recommended

pip install git+


Use Zeroconf for Login

from librespot.zeroconf import ZeroconfServer

zeroconf = ZeroconfServer.Builder().create()

Get Spotify's OAuth token

from librespot.core import Session

session = Session.Builder() \
    .user_pass("Username", "Password") \

access_token = session.tokens().get("playlist-read")

Get Music Stream

*Currently, music streaming is supported, but it may cause unintended behavior.

from librespot.core import Session
from librespot.metadata import TrackId
from import AudioQuality, VorbisOnlyAudioQuality

session = Session.Builder() \
    .user_pass("Username", "Password") \

track_id = TrackId.from_uri("spotify:track:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx")
stream = session.content_feeder().load(track_id, VorbisOnlyAudioQuality(AudioQuality.VERY_HIGH), False, None)
# to get one byte of the music stream.

Other uses are examples or read this document for detailed specifications.


To display the debug information, you need to inject the following code at the top of the code.

import logging



Pull requests are welcome.


Distributed under the Apache-2.0 License. See LICENSE.txt for more information.

Special thanks